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"We wanted to up-size to make room for our growing family, but needed to sell our flat first and National Homebuyers enabled us to do this quickly. They simplified the whole process of selling and enabled us to purchase our dream property! Relocation Relocation: What To Consider When You Relocate"

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"After inheriting a property from my late Mother, I approached National Homebuyers. I had been caring for my Mother for a number of years and the thought of selling the property using an Estate Agent was a hassle that I did not feel able to cope with. The sale of the property was a difficult […]"

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Relocation Relocation: What To Consider When You Relocate

Whatever your reason for relocating and wherever you are moving to, there are a lot of things you will need to consider before taking the plunge.

What are your reasons for relocating?

You should be absolutely clear of your intentions for relocating before making such a big move. It sounds silly, but if you are moving because of personal problems, it is likely that these problems will be with you wherever you live and mean that you probably won’t be any happier living in another part of the country.

If you are moving because your employers are forcing you to as part of your job, is it really something you want to do? It may be a big risk leaving your current job and looking for another, but if you aren’t going to be happy moving away from your friends and family it is definitely an option you need to consider. Perhaps try a temporary relocation to test the water and rent out your property while you decide whether you want to make the change permanent.

What are the costs involved in relocation?

There is a lot of expense involved with moving house. You have to pay an agent to sell your home and then pay solicitors fees for the sale. You then have to purchase a new property and, no matter where you relocate to, there will inevitably be several costs involved when you come to buy your house. There is also stamp duty and cost of redecoration to think about too. The costs will soon add up and you need to make sure it will be worth your while.

If you are relocating for work you are likely to be entitled to a relocation allowance to ease the transition. They may pay all your relocation expenses, so it is always worth checking with your HR department to find out what you are entitled to.

Finding your new property

If you have ever seen an episode of Relocation Relocation, you will know that trying to buy houses, much less find your dream property, in a new area can be very difficult! However, even if you do not have the expert help of Kirsty and Phil, you can still find your dream property without too much stress.

Using the internet you can look for property anywhere in the world at the touch of a button; RightMove is a good place to start your search for UK properties. If you are limited for time it is worth looking for several properties you like the look of and arranging viewings for the same day.

You will quickly know what you are able to get for your budget. It is worth visiting your new area at different times of day to get a feel for what the neighbourhood is like before putting in an offer.

Before you can buy your house in your prospective area, you will need to sell your house quick. Be realistic with your sale price and keep your property in a neutral and clean condition to entice buyers. Once you accept an offer you should be able to tie the 2 completion dates in together for a smooth move.

You could even sell your house to a fast purchase property company like National Homebuyers who buy homes for cash, thus eliminating the chain that can cause so many problems when selling property and reducing the hassle of moving.

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