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"After inheriting a property from my late Mother, I approached National Homebuyers. I had been caring for my Mother for a number of years and the thought of selling the property using an Estate Agent was a hassle that I did not feel able to cope with. The sale of the property was a difficult […]"

Mrs J, Lydney, Gloucestershire

"We wanted to up-size to make room for our growing family, but needed to sell our flat first and National Homebuyers enabled us to do this quickly. They simplified the whole process of selling and enabled us to purchase our dream property! Hilariously Bad Estate Agent Photographs"

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Hilariously Bad Estate Agent Photographs

With so many property programs out there on television providing advice on how to sell your home you would think everyone nowadays would know the golden rules to selling their homes. Painting the walls magnolia, tidying away junk and displaying fresh flowers just a few of the tips that are suggested. But it still appears that some people just simply don’t make any effort whatsoever when it comes to selling their house.

Have you ever seen photographs of a property and thought ‘who would live in a house like that?’ As a UK property buyer, National Homebuyers are constantly amused by the quality of some of the images of properties we come across.

To share these amusing images we have gathered together some of the worst and most shockingly funny photographs estate agents have used in a poor attempt to sell properties. These images are hilarious and reveal some of the bizarre decorations and renovations behind the doors of some of the homes out there.

These are all genuine inexplicably terrible – and sometimes terrifying – photographs used to sell houses by estate agents. Some of these images have been sourced from Andy Donaldson who wrote the book Terrible Estate Agent Photos – yes such a book exists and is well worth a read.


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We recommend that that you do not think about what potentially happens in this room when your back is turned and you really wouldn’t want to view this property if the light was starting to fade.

sell your house fast

If  this guy hasn’t managed to finish his crossword by the time you buy the house, then he will come with the house.

sell your house fast

Never miss a delivery again with this strategically position toilet.

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If you start to smell gas in this shower I would suggest getting out quickly, better still I would suggest maybe re-tiling a section of this shower.

sell your house fast

We would not suggest using the both of these at the same time.

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Just in case you wondered what sort of toilet roll holder the house comes with?

sell your house fast

No burglar is going to rob this house because it comes with it own terrfifying man sized stuffed fox.

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The mystery of the previous owners disappearance had never been solved?

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Try not to feel too Try not to feel too uncomfortable when you invite your mother over for tea! Or react when your children say “look at our rocket ship window nanny”

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Hello!! Try not to let any pets photo bomb your pictures.


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This is the one we love the most here at National Homebuyers as it just allows you to save precious time in the mornings – introducing the toilet shower!


So you can now stop laughing or come out from behind the sofa because we agree some of those images where quite creepy. Using these photographs I would be surprised if anyone had requested a viewing of these houses let alone consider buying one of them. But these property owners still need to sell these houses otherwise they would not be on the open market. So how are they going to sell with such awful images trying to promote their homes.
Well that’s where National Homebuyers can help! We are a UK based property buyer who really do buy any house! We buy any house, in fact we will buy anything, absolutely anything! Whether it is a house, flat, bungalow, park home we will buy it! Even if your property images look like these one do; we guarantee to buy it!

If you are looking for a fast house sale then we are here to help you. Our team of property experts are always on hand to share their expertise with you and help you achieve you aim of selling your house fast in a timescale that suits you and not us.

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