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For any homeowner, the value of their property is an ever-changing but important statistic of which to be aware. For some, owning a house is about finding a place to call home – while for others, a house is simply an investment.

No matter who you are, it is likely that at some point you will find yourself needing to sell; and in many cases, you need it to happen fast – and we can help by finding the answer to ‘what is my house worth in the UK’…

So, you’re thinking of selling…

Maybe you’ve landed a great new job at the other end of the country, or maybe the current market conditions mean that you stand to make a tidy profit with a fast house sale – and the temptation is too great to ignore. Either way, at that point it’s likely you’ll be asking yourself “what is my house worth”?

House prices are not an easy statistic to track. A great proportion of homeowners often find themselves a little surprised when presented with a valuation report by a chartered surveyor that takes all the factors into account.

Why it’s important to ask “How much is my house worth?”

For British homeowners especially, house prices can be affected by a number of issues – throwing up a range of questions from the seller:

  • How can nearby services affect the value of my home?
  • How can the economy affect how much is my house worth in the UK?
  • Will the lack of new-builds in my area increase demand for my home?
  • If my neighbour sells under market value, what is my home worth now? And how much money will I lose?

Estate agents often use surveyors and valuers to ascertain the recommended market price at which to sell your home. Sometimes the delivered figure is in favour of the vendor; while at other times, it favours the buyer.

But why is this? If you have failed to maintain the façade of your home that is visible to the public, or even forget to varnish those window frames, the price of your home can be negatively affected.

If crime increases in your area, this will be taken into account during the survey and can also lead to a lower value.

Conversely, if high quality developments are built nearby that gain the attention of respected homebuyers and businesses, the value of your home can skyrocket.

The same is true if a nearby school gains an ‘excellent’ rating from OFSTED – an area with a great school is guaranteed to benefit financially. Furthermore, astute homeowners should often ask “what is my home worth?” after every report publication.

However, time is a key factor in selling a home. And the longer it takes to sell your home, the more likely it is that you will have to lower your asking price, as a house that’s been on the market a suspicious length of time begs the question “why?”.

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How do property price estimates work?

Using our free value estimator, it’s easy to gain an accurate estimated value for you to find out what is my house worth in the UK.

Simply enter your postcode into the fields below, find your home, and get an estimate. It really is that simple!

Even if you’re not expecting to sell anytime soon, our free value estimator is an excellent way of keeping track of your house’s value.

We can provide data that displays value changes since you purchased it, helping you to understand the catalysts behind the rise and fall of your house’s value over time.

And our calculation can also provide the value of similarly built homes in your area – letting you know where you stand.

So, you have an estimate of “what is my house worth?” – what now?

To discuss further how much is my home worth in the UK, you can call us on 08000 443 911, or simply fill in our simple form to find out your no obligation cash offer.

To ensure you’re being taken care of, we only employ staff with great communication skills, adhering to policies of full transparency to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible – allowing you to find out “how much is my house worth”.

Why is a fast house sale important for me?

When we first got started buying property in 2004, we found that in an ever-changing world, the demand for a quick sale began to rise dramatically.

As internet access became an essential utility, it became much easier for companies to hire new employees from far and wide – and with the prospect of high earnings, many British workers found themselves needing to hurriedly pack up and depart their house – leaving many to wonder “how much is my home worth in the UK if I were to sell it now?”

While many opt for the traditional route of estate agencies, this process is often marred by the slow movement of paperwork, exorbitant fees, and a lack of communication if the house fails to sell immediately.

At National Homebuyers, we use a fast, efficient process and will buy any home for cash – regardless of condition.

The advantage of consulting property-selling experts like us, specialising in how much is my house worth in the UK, is that you can prevent the house-selling process from becoming a lingering issue that hinders you from moving on with your life.

Integrity and full confidentiality

Often, a fast house sale is necessary for less cheerful reasons. We are contacted by many people who are experiencing financial difficulty, or even going through divorce who need to know ‘how much is my home worth’ – and here at National Homebuyers, we understand the sensitivity of such issues.

That’s why all information discussed in relation to the sale of your house is handled with the utmost confidence. We understand that life can sometimes deal you a blow, and we’re here to help you get back on your feet again.

Ready to sell your house fast? To get started, fill in our simple form or call our friendly team on 08000 443 911 for a quick cash offer.

** All prices provided by the National Homebuyers Property Value Estimator are based on information from the Land Registry and our own prediction algorithm. However, a true market price will be influenced by many criteria such as economic stability, interest rates, mortgage availability, geographical trends, the condition of the property and general consumer confidence.


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