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The UK property market is a fascinating place. Here you’ll find our thoughts on what’s happening in the industry, why and how people are buying properties and what gives you the best chance of selling your home.

What is my house worth?

29th March 2017

It’s not always easy to keep track of the fluctuations within the property market that affect the value of your home. But if you’re thinking of selling, you’ll most likely find yourself asking “exactly what is my house worth?”. Of course, the answer you receive is not always the one you want to hear. So […]

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Movers and shakers: The geographical lottery of house values

22nd March 2017

With a difficult year behind us, new research by eMoov has uncovered the areas of the UK where house prices have been affected the worst. No matter who you are, it’s pretty clear that 2016 wasn’t the greatest year for the property industry. Despite exhibiting a relatively strong performance, the market – and by proxy, […]

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Is fear of Brexit having a negative effect on house prices?

8th March 2017

Areas of the UK where the population voted more strongly to leave the EU are enjoying faster house price growth than their ‘pro-remain’ counterparts – causing many homeowners to ask “how much is my house worth?” in the light of ongoing Brexit discussions. Recent research analysis by the HomeOwners Alliance has found that homeowners in […]

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Further price hikes expected for renters over the next five years

15th February 2017

According to a new survey by the RICS, rental fees across the country are expected to rise faster than house prices by 2021. The new survey, commissioned by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, is yet another nail in the coffin for the dreams of those who hope to buy, but are unable to gather […]

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Manipulation of freehold land affecting leasehold sales

1st February 2017

Developers who build leasehold properties are selling the freehold to third party agents in order to make further profits – at the expense of the leaseholder. Many potential first-time buyers in the UK find it easy to ignore the difference between freehold and leasehold properties. And why not? Many leasehold homes enjoy a lease of […]

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UK’s Plans A Truly Global Britain Via Brexit

18th January 2017

The UK prime minister Theresa May has now outlined her a 12-point plan for leaving the European Union (EU), or the Plan for Britain, as she has called it. In her speech to diplomats at London’s Lancaster House, Theresa May for the first time revealed some key details about her approach to negotiations with the […]

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London Property Slowdown Effects Estate Agents Profits

11th January 2017

London’s property slowdown has is having a detrimental effect on London estate agent Foxtons. Their revenue from selling houses has almost halved in the final quarter of 2016. Foxtons has announced that in the final quarter of last year they achieved a revenue of only £26m. This figure is down a quarter in the same […]

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Failure to innovate: Why traditional estate agencies are dying

For centuries, estate agencies have existed in one form or another – but in an increasingly digital world, more and more house selling professionals are finding themselves superfluous to requirements in the housing market. A mere 25 years ago, if you needed to sell your home, it would be unthinkable to go anywhere other than […]

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Why Do People Use Quick House Sale Companies?

10th January 2017

There are numerous reasons as to why do people use quick house sale companies. These can include circumstances such as through divorce, retirement or the need to relocate. Perhaps they need to sell your property quick because you are close to losing your house due to financial difficulties. Or you might have inherited a property […]

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Southern rail strikes hit house prices

Commuters are getting hit twofold by the ongoing Southern rail dispute. Not only are the recent rail strikes disrupting their journeys but now the strikes are actually having an effect on the value of their properties as well. According to eMoov, an online estate agent, house prices are growing slower around stations on Southern Rail […]

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Selling before Christmas – the best gift you can ask for

21st December 2016

With the year drawing to a close, many hold off putting their house on the market – but if you do it right, it’s easy to stand out in the Christmas crowd. The property market is known to slow down in the run-up to Christmas, as the public turns its attention towards family gatherings, purchasing […]

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UK house price growth will slow to 3% in 2017

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) housing forecast for 2017 predicts that house prices in the UK will see an average increase of 3% over the course of next year as the number of transactions stabilises. A year ago, the RICS predicted price rises of 6% and official figures are on track to meet […]

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Badly planned new-build locations hindering industry progress

16th December 2016

As fears continue to mount over the government’s ability to provide the necessary housing for a growing population, a new study has provided some insight as to why this issue is failing to be tackled in a practical manner. For many within the property industry, a key focus of 2016 has been the lack of […]

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The Most Disgusting Properties in the UK

13th December 2016

When you think of the most disgusting home ever then you would be forgiven for believing that this would be the forte of university students. Those people who have been to university will accept that this is actually something of an undeniable truth. A quick visit to a student property will present you with a […]

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Housing crisis creating more poverty-stricken families

8th December 2016

As the government continues failing to act on the housing crisis, more and more working families are facing poverty, despite an economy that has continued to grow since 2010. It’s hard to believe sometimes that the UK, with its vast wealth and international influence, is facing a growing poverty crisis. With recent news of a […]

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Campaigners push for zero-carbon housing policy to be reinstated

2nd December 2016

With awareness on the increase about carbon-neutral housing, the government is being urged to reintroduce the policy which aimed to ensure all new-build homes are as efficient as common technology will allow. It’s not unusual for politicians to be voted into power based on promises they never intended to keep, and thereafter be hated by […]

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New ban on letting agents charging fees to tenants

25th November 2016

In his Autumn statement, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond announced a ban on letting agents charging fees to tenants. Letting fees – which are already banned in Scotland – are supposed to cover a range of administration, including reference, credit, and immigration checks. Mr. Hammond said shifting the cost to landlords will […]

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As letting fees are finally banned, is this good news for the industry?

24th November 2016

Letting fees have always been unpopular, but as the new Chancellor announces that he is planning to have them banned, property selling experts wonder whether this is actually good news or bad news for those stuck in the rent trap. The housing market can often seem unfair to those looking to buy their first house. […]

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Property Lease Expiring Soon?

21st November 2016

Why a Short Lease Could Prevent you from Selling Your House and Cost You More Money in the Long Run There are 1.43 million leasehold properties in the UK and many of their owners are unaware of the financial implications of their property’s shortening lease. Not a lot of people realise that a property’s value […]

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Selling a House With Problem Neighbours: How to Sell Despite Your Problem Neighbours

17th November 2016

How Neighbours From Hell Can Affect Your Property Value It is an unfortunate fact of life that sometimes we find ourselves living near to people who we find to be particularly unpleasant. Whether they live next door, above or below you; selling a house with problem neighbours can make your life a misery. This can […]

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Estate agents inflate prices to win business, according to new report

As competition rises between estate agents, inaccurate valuations are being used to increase business at the expense of vendors, forcing them to reduce their asking prices in order to sell. To put your house on the market is a big decision – and one that many understandably dread. It’s a gauntlet of hard selling, paperwork […]

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Top Tips For Renovating Property: Maintenance And Refurbishment

16th November 2016

Property maintenance and refurbishment can be a risky business, especially in the current housing market. House prices have not bounced back to pre-2007 levels and properties need to be refurbished to a high standard in order to achieve a sale in a realistic time period.   Here are our top tips for property maintenance and refurbishment […]

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Who Is Liable For Property Damage Between Exchange And Completion?

15th November 2016

Property damage is anyone’s worst nightmare, especially so close to Christmas. For those that are in the process of purchasing a property and have already exchanged contracts it is an extra concern as they do not legally own the property yet, but cannot pull out of the sale either. Once contracts are exchanged for the […]

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What does Trump’s election victory mean for the UK housing market?

10th November 2016

As anti-Trump rallies are held across the US in reaction to the stunning result of the presidential election, UK economists and property selling experts find themselves experiencing a feeling of unease about the future of British markets. To state that Donald Trump’s victory against Hillary Clinton was a shock may well be the understatement of […]

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Renting costs more than buying in two thirds of UK cities

3rd November 2016

As the number of people stuck in the rent cycle continues to rise, a new survey has found that with the necessary deposit, buying a house is cheaper than renting in 60% of UK cities. It seems a bit of a no-brainer – why waste money on rent if that same money could help you […]

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Report says 40% of UK homes are not up to scratch

27th October 2016

A leading UK charity has found that almost half of all properties across the country fail to provide an acceptable standard of living for its inhabitants – which is surely a situation that needs to change. The housing charity Shelter has found that 43% of all dwellings in the UK fail to meet the criteria […]

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New lettings overtake sales for the first time in over 80 years

21st October 2016

As the uncertainty over the state of the UK property market continues, new research indicates that 2017 could see a greater number of new lets than sales. Across the country, 2016 has been a strange year for the property market. With the stamp duty hike early on, followed by the Brexit vote in June, property […]

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Resident Evil? How to Sell a Haunted House

19th October 2016

Halloween is very nearly upon us. The pumpkins, fancy dress parties, and trick or treaters knocking on your door expecting sweets. Whether you believe in the concept of Halloween or not, this time of year always gets everyone talking about the supernatural, the possibilities ghosts, and haunted houses. Do you think your home might be […]

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Fracking sites affect buyer interest in surrounding homes

13th October 2016

As fossil fuel companies are given the green light to drill for shale gas around the UK, a new survey has found that a large percentage of potential buyers would rule out purchasing a home near fracking sites. With a huge push towards renewable energy in full swing throughout the developed world, oil and gas […]

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Decisive report illustrates the struggle for early-1980s millennials

7th October 2016

Thanks to the ever-increasing gap between wages and housing costs, those born in the early 1980s have been proven to be at a severe disadvantage with regard to buying a home and ultimately retiring with a comfortable pension. While certain members of the older generations still maintain the notion that millennials are lazy, and their […]

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Scotland’s home rental nightmare

29th September 2016

Since the establishment of a Scottish government in 1999, the number of people living in rented accommodation has tripled – limiting the number of potential home buyers. After years of campaigning for an independent government, Scotland finally established its own parliament in 1999 in Hollyrood, Edinburgh. The move was originally seen as a way for […]

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People could save £450,000 (60%) on the average cost of a house by simply moving out of London

28th September 2016

According to research by Lloyds bank, people working in London could save themselves almost £450,000 or 60% on the cost of a house if they chose to live outside of the city and commute into London every day. The study shows that average house prices drop by 60% from £741,919 in central London to £294,903 […]

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Is the end of the London property bubble nigh?

22nd September 2016

As forecasts for the capital’s property prices over the next two years appear bleak, will vendors find themselves with unmarketable property due to a lack of interest? While the capital has always been considered an area of prime real estate, its exponential growth over the last 50 years has gone beyond what many in the […]

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Food or shelter? The housing crisis in the UK

15th September 2016

With ever-rising living costs, more and more families are finding themselves making unhealthy and potentially damaging cutbacks in their lives to keep a roof over their heads. We often read stories about families who struggle to make ends meet, from single mothers striving to provide for their children, to working class couples from a deprived […]

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The legacy of George Osborne – gone but hard to forget

8th September 2016

With the blame for the downturn in high-end property sales being placed firmly on the shoulders of the Brexit vote, many are starting to point towards Osborne’s tax increases as the root of the problem. In the wake of the recent slowdown in the high-end property market, many property selling experts originally believed much of […]

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When ‘help to buy’ is no help at all

1st September 2016

New details have emerged which undermine the benefits of the once-celebrated Help To Buy ISAs, revealing limits around how the government pay-out can be used. When Help To Buy ISAs were introduced by the former Chancellor George Osborne in December 2015, for many first-time buyers they were a blessing. The ability to have the government […]

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Is Manchester the new London?

25th August 2016

As companies and young professionals turn away from the capital and head towards Manchester, the large northern city is seeing the creation of its own property bubble. For years now, the media has been awash with stories discussing the rise of house prices in London and how more and more people are forced to commute […]

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Escaping bad neighbours can be a costly process

19th August 2016

We’re always told to ensure our own house is in excellent condition if we’re looking to sell, but some aspects out of our control can affect the value of our homes, too – and one of those is having a bad neighbour. Everyone remembers hearing about that ‘bad neighbour’ growing up… the one that your […]

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On the edge of homelessness in a difficult job market

11th August 2016

With the cost of living and raising a child steadily increasing every year, many low-income families are finding themselves less than a month away from ruin. For most people, living from pay cheque to pay cheque is a way of life. They’re simply covering the costs of living, with maybe a little left over to […]

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Bank of England cuts interest rates

5th August 2016

On the 4th August, in the face of a potential UK recession fuelled by the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the Bank of England has decided to cut interest rates from 0.5% to 0.25%. This move is a record low and the first interest cut since 2009 and it may not stop there, the Bank of England […]

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The generational wealth gap hits home

4th August 2016

Sixty years ago, a young family of four were able to own a house and support themselves comfortably on a single income without breaking the bank – a far cry from the situation facing today’s potential homeowners. Nothing can gain a greater negative reaction from a millennial than telling them one of two things: either […]

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What turns off a potential house buyer?

28th July 2016

A new survey from Harron Homes has uncovered the greatest factors that prevent buyers from going ahead with a purchase – and they’re surprisingly common. For most of us, selling a house is about maintaining a certain showroom quality for our homes at the off-chance a potential buyer shows up at short notice. It’s also […]

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House Sellers Are Struggling With Brexit’s Doom And Gloom

27th July 2016

The property market is an uncertain, tumultuous place following the UK public’s vote to leave the European Union, says property company National Homebuyers. The UK business, which offers cash to homeowners wanting to sell property fast, has heard from both sellers and estate agents that it has quickly become more of a struggle to find […]

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Buyers tend to use their nose before their brain

21st July 2016

New research has shown that potential buyers are missing out on bargains by losing enthusiasm for a property if it doesn’t seem pristine. When any of us visit a new home, one of the first things we always notice is the smell. Different people live in different ways and this can seriously affect a home’s […]

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Could ‘Pokemon Go’ Soon Help You Sell Your House

15th July 2016

On 14th July 2106 “Pokemon Go”, a mobile game that has become a global phenomenon, was finally released in the UK and don’t we know it. You can’t look at your social media feed or news sources without being inundated with stories of Pokemon hunters and silly people playing the game while not being aware […]

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The young are no longer alone in generation rent

7th July 2016

As divorce rates soar and housing prices rise, an increasing number of over-50s are finding themselves stuck in rented accommodation with no way out. One of the most discussed subjects in relation to property is the difficulty in raising the necessary funds to purchase a house, and whenever the topic is debated it is almost […]

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The quiet struggle of purchasing your second home

29th June 2016

While buying a flat may seem like a great idea for getting a foot on the property ladder, many first-time owners who are looking to upgrade to a house are finding the experience harder than expected. We often hear about the difficulty first-time buyers have in buying their first home – the struggle of raising […]

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What does the EU vote mean for the property market?

23rd June 2016

Misquoted facts and propaganda have been a problem on both sides of the Brexit argument – but for those who own a home or are hoping to buy, which is the best choice? Today (Thursday 23 June), millions of Brits go to the polls to vote on the issue of remaining in the EU. With […]

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Is your property in need of rescue?

22nd June 2016

Maybe you’re in financial difficulties? Maybe you have just been made unemployed? Maybe your property chain has broken down? Maybe your mortgage lender is threatening to repossess your home? In all these situations your potentially in risk of losing your home. Under these circumstances, one of the best solutions is to use a property rescue […]

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London’s green belt facing threat from housing development

17th June 2016

Despite promises made in 2012 to protect the green belt surrounding London, new plans to build new homes are being drawn up, threatening to turn areas of natural beauty into newly developed suburbs. The UK is one of the most densely populated countries on the planet. With a rising population and immigration from abroad, as […]

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Are the lessons of the past being ignored?

9th June 2016

In an effort to boost house sales, Barclays has launched a 100% ‘Springboard mortgage’. It seems a great deal for first-time buyers – but is it simply a case of déja vu from the days before the recession? In the midst of the recession during the last decade, it slowly became clear that many product […]

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Another property crash looms as history begins to repeat itself

2nd June 2016

Despite the safeguards currently in place, many experts believe the property market is facing a second major recession within 10 years – and that major changes will be needed to ensure it doesn’t happen. “How do you persuade people to buy something today that they think will be cheaper tomorrow?” Industry professionals often appear in […]

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Location, location, location… how in-demand is your area?

26th May 2016

With better transport links and increased investment from large companies, Rightmove has seen a huge increase in searches for certain locations that offer all of the benefits of larger commercial cities, with none of the drawbacks. When moving house, it’s fair to say that many people look to purchase in the same area within which […]

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Can’t sell your home? You can always play dress-up…

19th May 2016

Estate agents are always looking to gain maximum exposure for their listed properties, but one agent in East Yorkshire has gone the extra mile – using a panda costume and a willing vendor. Many estate agents employ professional photographers to paint their client’s homes in the best possible light – always trying to capture that […]

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A boost in bandwidth can mean a boost in value

13th May 2016

For many buyers, the ability to connect to the internet at a reasonable speed is an increasingly important feature when searching for potential homes, even edging out more traditional needs. What do people look for when buying a new house? A nice garden? Good neighbours? How about a nice selection of nearby restaurants, or perhaps […]

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UK Government plans to ban ‘Gazumping’

10th May 2016

Gazumping in the UK housing market could become a thing of the past. The UK Government are considering banning “gazumping” by bringing forward the point at which the sale of a house becomes legal. Gazumping occurs when a property seller accepts an offer on their property from one potential buyer, but then accepts a higher […]

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A world where people put more thought into a holiday than a home

6th May 2016

A recent poll has suggested that most people put more thought into buying holidays, clothing and planning dinner parties than they do purchasing a house – but that’s not as insane as it sounds. When you see your perfect home, it’s easy to make a snap judgement because, well, it just ‘feels right’. The house […]

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Criminal estate agents ‘weeded out’ by police

28th April 2016

Two London-based estate agents have been sentenced for their part in a £2m-a-year operation which used empty rented homes as cannabis farms, without the knowledge of their owners. It’s not the first thing to occur to the average UK landlord when hiring an estate agent to manage the rental: considering the likelihood of their home […]

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Great Britain: A nation of renters

22nd April 2016

New figures suggest that as the gap between property prices and wage growth widens, first-time buyers will struggle to purchase a home even in 2020. Just 25 years ago, almost 70% of those in their thirties enjoyed the freedom gained by home ownership – and even at the turn of the century that figure was […]

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Will OnTheMarket go OffTheMarket?

19th April 2016

The feisty start-up is facing an early death within the industry, due to the growing discontent of clients and legal threats. Well-established companies Zoopla and Rightmove have enjoyed great success in the property industry, thanks to nationwide support from the majority of UK-based estate agents. Both companies have seen profits soar and slowly changed the […]

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How much is my house worth?

11th April 2016

Property is normally the most valuable possession you will buy and sell. Finding out how much your home is worth is easy thanks to a new online property value estimator tool. If you are looking to sell your property and would like to find out what it is worth than simply place your information into […]

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National Homebuyers Customer Survey

8th April 2016

National Homebuyers polled a series of customers who have recently contacted us for a quick cash offer for their property. The below infographic is a representation of this information we gathered from this customer poll. National Homebuyers Customer Survey

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Ever fancied owning a village? For a cool £20m, you can…

5th April 2016

The village of West Heslerton, near Malton in North Yorkshire, has officially gone on sale to prospective buyers after over 150 years of family ownership. When Eve Dawnay sadly passed away in 2010, the village that had been passed down from generation to generation for a century-and-a-half faced an unsure future. Eve inherited it from […]

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The worst places to have bought a house this century

7th April 2016

As house prices soar in some places, newly released data from the Office for National Statistics has shown that other areas have failed to keep up with the UK average – and the lack of demand is set to impact property owners further in the future. When buying a house, we often don’t just see […]

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Are dream houses earning more than buyers?

29th March 2016

Gloom is spreading among many potential UK homebuyers who learn that their desired homes are earning more than they do, thanks to the ever-widening gap between wages and house prices. Seeing the chances of purchasing a house slip further and further away is not a feeling any potential buyer wants to experience – and as […]

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How will the 2016 Budget affect the property market?

17th March 2016

George Osborne’s budget has left the future of the property market on shaky ground, with an emphasis on increasing transaction fees – forcing potential homebuyers to pay higher rents and spend longer saving for a deposit, despite the new Lifetime ISA scheme due in 2017. In his eighth budget since the Conservative party came to […]

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London’s property market finally starting to slow down

15th March 2016

In London the median average salary is just £30,338 however if you wished to purchase a property in our country’s capital you will be looking at an average price tag of £522,000. House prices in London are almost actually three times the national average of £191,812. This also means that London’s house prices are more […]

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Brexit: A look at the impact on property prices

14th March 2016

With an upcoming referendum deciding whether Britain will stay in the European Union or not, many sellers are looking for fast home sales to avoid the possibility of losing money. The ongoing discontent felt around the country by those who feel that Brussels has too much control over how Britain operates has become a hot topic […]

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Pace of house prices slows to 6.7% in 2015

8th March 2016

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) house prices in the UK rose by 6.7% in 2015. This shows a significant slowdown in UK house prices compared to the 9% rise reported by the ONS in 2014. This represents a fall in value of £18,000 compared to the average home in the UK which […]

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Is London facing a mass exodus of homeowners?

4th March 2016

Rising living costs and prohibitive transport prices are forcing young talent to rule out the capital as a prospective place to live and raise a family, eschewing the career benefits that the city offers. It’s no secret that many view property prices in London as extortionate, with homes costing up to 13 times the average […]

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Hidden costs could affect your buyers

26th February 2016

When attempting to purchase a property, people often base their offer on available funds – but unless they’ve got a little extra put away, the associated fees may present a stumbling block that details a sale. It’s a common situation which you’ll recognise if you’ve ever bought a house. You’ve scrambled around and gathered paperwork […]

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Irish Home Repossessions Rose By 80% in 2015

23rd February 2016

Home repossessions in Ireland have rose by a massive 80% last year – with an extra 1,500 people declaring themselves homeless. According to official figures from the Central Bank for the first three quarters of 2015, 564 homes were repossessed up until the end of September 2015. This is a huge increase in repossession compared […]

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UK exit from the EU could result in house prices dropping by 5%

22nd February 2016

Prime Minister David Cameron announced over the weekend that there will be a referendum in the UK to stay or leave the EU on 23 June 2016. Online estate agent eMoov has predicted that if the UK votes to leave the EU than house prices could potentially drop by 5% or more. They believe that […]

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How long does it take to sell your home? The best and worst UK cities revealed

19th February 2016

Recent statistics have shown a huge gap in the time taken for houses to sell in the north versus the south, with homes in London’s adjacent towns and cities enjoying much faster sales than those located in more northern, ex-industrial locations. Across the UK, there are many homeowners looking for a quick house sale. But […]

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1 in 4 Properties will be Worth £1m+ by 2030

18th February 2016

The number of UK properties worth at least £1 million is expected to more than triple between now and 2030, according to a new report from Santander Mortgages. This means that almost 1.6 million homes in UK will be worth at least £1 million in the next 14 years which equates to one in every […]

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Bomb Proof London Fort on River Thames on Sale for £500,000

10th February 2016

In November this year an offer for a very unique building with an unforgettable address in London fell through. Now available to buy again No.1, The Thames (yes this is its real address) has come back onto the open market for £500,000. This property is a bomb proof fort situated in the Thames Estuary which […]

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Factoring in the unexpected – what do buyers love and hate?

12th February 2016

The house-selling process is a deeply unpleasant one at the best of times, especially maintaining a house that doubles as both a home and a showroom. But as we recently discussed, the likelihood of a sale often depends on wider factors. So, what matters most to a potential buyer? It’s not always obvious, as different […]

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Repossessions at the lowest they have been for a decade

According to the Council of Mortgage Lenders fewer than one in 1,000 mortgages ended in repossession in 2015. And, with fewer than 1 in 100 mortgages in any sort of arrears, at 0.92% the annual arrears rate is also at its lowest for more than a decade. At 10,200, the total number of repossessions in […]

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The biggest review into the housing market being launched

4th February 2016

A review into the housing market has been launched, spearheaded by Pete Redfern, the chief executive of Britain’s third-biggest house builder Taylor Wimpey. The review, also being backed by John Healey MP, the UK shadow housing minister, aims to be an independent view into the housing market over the next 10 years. This review will […]

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The greatest selling points of your home may be beyond your control

A recent study by conveyancers My Home Move has shed light on the qualities most sought after by UK property buyers – and despite your greatest efforts, there’s very little you can do to change them. We’ve all been there – maintaining your house to showroom quality at the off-chance you’ll get another viewing – after […]

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Are traditional estate agencies on the way out?

29th January 2016

As online estate agents see a surge in client numbers, the traditional high street estate agent could be facing a bleak future, as those looking to sell their home fast pursue cheaper flat-rate fees over local knowledge and experience. Looking back at the last 20 years, the face of the British high street has undergone […]

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Latest Testimonial From a Happy Customer

28th January 2016

National Homebuyers are proud to help all the people who sell their property to us for cash. Below is a genuine written review from one of our latest customers:   “Please accept my gratitude for all your assistance with the sale, I don’t won’t to embarrass you but I have to say that I found […]

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Guide to how long the UK house buying process takes?

27th January 2016

Are you wondering how long it takes to purchase a house in the UK? Well HSBC’s chief UK economist Liz Martins and her team have the answer! HSBC has recently produced a 6 step property transaction guide which shows the average house purchasing process and how long each stage takes on average. This handy guide to […]

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Thought raising kids was tough? Property is harder, says research…

22nd January 2016

A recent poll carried out by Which? mortgage advisors has found the house buying-and-selling process to be more stressful than getting sacked, getting married, or even raising a child. For those who’ve been through the property mill before, the latest poll results are surely not too surprising. For those yet to experience the joys and […]

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Top 10 Tips to Sell Your House Quickly

19th January 2016

Here are some top 10 tips to help sell your house quickly: De-personalise your house De-clutter your house Make sure your home is extremely clean Finish all those unfinished DIY jobs that need doing Get rid of any nasty odours such as cigarette smoke or animal smells Make sure you go over your house with […]

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The Only Way Is Up – Property Predictions For 2016

18th January 2016

None of us know exactly what lies ahead, but experts always have their views; as do everyday people who like to keep a keen eye on their property prospects and wider finances. A recent survey has asked public opinion on a range of issues, including house prices and salaries – and most predictions involve increases. […]

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Property Buyers Taking Only 53 Minutes To Buy A Home

14th January 2016

Are you thinking of buying a property? Lets be realistic National Homebuyers know that buying a new home will probably be the biggest financial investment you’ll ever make due to the high purchase value of such an asset. So you would think that people would spend a lot of time contemplating and deciding on what […]

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UK Regions Where Property Rents Rose Quickest During 2015

12th January 2016

The HomeLet Rental Index report shows where rents saw the biggest rises in 2015. The report revealed that Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh and Newcastle saw the biggest increases in rents throughout 2015. Highlights of the HomeLet Rental Index revealed that: When London is excluded, the average UK rental value was £739pcm – this is 4.9% higher than […]

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How will house sales progress in 2016?

8th January 2016

Looking ahead to another new year, many people are wondering how their lives will change over the next 12 months. Homeowners may decide that this is the year to move on and start afresh somewhere new – but will the market make it easy? House prices are still rapidly increasing beyond the reach of the […]

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House prices will be up 50% and rents 25% by 2025

23rd December 2015

Rents are set to sky-rocket, and buying a house is getting further out of reach for many, according to the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) and National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) Housing 2025 report. Compiled with Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), the report predicts the state of the property market in ten years’ time, […]

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How To Quickly Sell Your Home

Selling a home can be a time-consuming and stressful affair. Properties can languish on the market for months, sometimes years, with only occasional viewings and no offers. It can be particularly difficult for home-owners who are eager to move but must wait for their old home to sell, or those who are in financial difficulties. […]

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How Long Will It Take To Sell Your Home?

21st December 2015

One of the most common questions someone selling their home asks an estate agent is “how long will it take to sell my home?”   This type of question is an extremely hard one to answer in a market so full of variables. There are property’s out there that sell within a few weeks and […]

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Deal or No Deal? Buy Noel Edmonds House

With the festive period fast approaching it is almost time to celebrate Noel. But you could be celebrating another Noel too for the right money. OK we could not resist the Christmas pun but recently it has come to our attention that Noel Edmonds, the English television presenter of Deal or No Deal, has put […]

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5 tips for selling a home in winter

18th December 2015

Selling a home in winter can be a bit challenging, but don’t worry as National Homebuyers have found this infographic which give 5 tips for selling a home in winter.   National Homebuyers – We Buy Any House National Homebuyers are a UK based property buyer who really do buy any house or property! In fact […]

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Selling at Christmas – the best or worst time to market property?

18th December 2016

The Christmas period has long been associated with a lack of activity within the property market – but an increasing number of potential buyers are spending the festive season house-hunting online. Wait for the new year and you could be missing out on some great opportunities. In the last 15 years there has been a […]

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Private House Sales UK: How Can I Achieve a Private House Sale?

17th December 2015

Private house sales are becoming more and more popular for homeowners across the UK. Selling a house privately enables you to save a substantial amount of money by eliminating escalating estate agency fees. A private house sale also gives UK homeowners more control over the sale and negotiation process because they have direct contact with […]

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New Help to Buy ISA aims to help first time buyers

15th December 2015

How does a Help to Buy ISA work The Help to Buy Individual Savings Account (ISA) was unveiled by the UK Chancellor George Osborne in the government’s 2015 budget and was officially launched on 1st December 2015 Help to Buy ISAs are a new type of ISA designed to help first-time buyers save up a […]

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Why is location so important for homes?

11th December 2015

Property experts seem obsessed with location – but why is it so important? And what do buyers find most appealing? We’ve summed up a few of the main issues for you to consider. When buyers are seeking a property to buy, their requirements and preferences often depend on their current stage of life, as well […]

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Most Estate Agents NOT Disclosing Neighbourhood Issues

9th December 2015

It has been suggested that fewer then half of estate agents don’t ask property sellers any questions regarding potential neighbourhood issues they face. By knowing if a property has such issues as noise complaints or anti-social behaviour local to it is a vital piece of information estate agents should be passing onto potential buyers. It […]

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First Time Home Buyer Mistakes to Avoid

8th December 2015

For most of us, buying a home is a huge deal. After many years of working long and hard to save another money for a deposit to use for a house you are ready to go house hunting. Shopping for a new home is always exciting, exhausting but also a little bit scary because of […]

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How to avoid terrible estate agents

4th December 2015

As occupations go, estate agents don’t have a great reputation. This may be unfair to those who do their jobs properly – and they do exist. However, many vendors and buyers have found that there’s no smoke without fire… so if you’re selling your home, you should always take careful steps to avoid wasting time […]

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$17.5 million Apocalypse Bunker For Sale

30th November 2015

National Homebuyers have recently come across this awesome doomsday shelter. So if you fear the out break of nuclear war or you want a place where you can survive the zombie apocalypse then why not put an offer in for this unique property. Harry Norman Realtors, a real estate firm in have listed this $17.5 […]

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Does your house seem like a good deal for buyers?

27th November 2015

How your property is advertised, how long it’s been on the market and its capacity for different lifestyles are all factors in how potential buyers may view your home, before they even think about viewing it. Though demand for houses is high, buyers always want to get good value for money – and there are […]

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Traditional estate agents no longer the automatic choice to sell homes

23rd November 2015

Many people are now keen to find easier and more cost-effective ways to sell their houses, meaning that the popularity of online estate agents is on the rise – along with other alternative routes. High street estate agents usually charge around 1.5% of the selling price plus VAT, but some charge up to 3.5% for […]

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How antisocial neighbours can affect your house sale

13th November 2015

If you have troublesome residents living next door or on your street, it can be so stressful that you decide to move elsewhere – but first you need to sell your home; and noisy or antisocial behaviour from neighbours can make this much harder. In some cases, a personal dispute between two particular neighbours might […]

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What’s the right price for your home?

6th November 2015

Property values are determined by lots of different factors – primarily the area you live in, the size of your home, its condition and its aesthetic appeal. But it’s also wise to consider convenience, complexity and how quickly you want to sell your house.     If your house has been on the market for a […]

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Hilariously Bad Estate Agent Photographs

4th November 2015

With so many property programs out there on television providing advice on how to sell your home you would think everyone nowadays would know the golden rules to selling their homes. Painting the walls magnolia, tidying away junk and displaying fresh flowers just a few of the tips that are suggested. But it still appears […]

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Flying Homes Out The Door

3rd November 2015

Many property owners in the open market are hoping for a quick sale of their home but they find that their allocated local estate agents simply are not flying homes out the door as fast as they would like them too so they can sell their homes quickly. The property market in the UK is […]

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Deposits And Other Mortgage Application Issues

30th October 2015

The cash you get for your current home can have a big impact on the type of mortgage you can get for where you want to live next, especially if you don’t have access to other funds for a deposit. Whether you intend to rent or buy your next home, you’ll always need a deposit […]

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Trick or Treat – The Best (and Worst) Places to Visit on Halloween

28th October 2015

As millions of children and their parents set out into the cold to go trick or treating this Halloween, National Homebuyers, the UK’s leading property buyers, can reveal the best towns to do it in to get the best results and the most sweets. The Zoopla Trick or Treat Index ranks towns and cities across England […]

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How To Sell Your House Fast Infographic

26th October 2015

  About National Homebuyers National Homebuyers is based in West Sussex and have been helping to solve the UK’s property problems for over 10 years. National Homebuyers is the UK’s leading property buyer, assisting thousands of people by offering a unique service and specialising in a quick and hassle free sale for your home. If […]

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House improvements – are they worth it?

23rd October 2015

If you’re trying to sell your home, you may wonder whether you should do some substantial maintenance or development work to make it more attractive to buyers – but will you get a return on your investment? If your house has dated decor, an ancient central heating system or energy-draining old windows – among a […]

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If your house isn’t selling, it’s time to try something different

19th October 2015

You may want to hold out for a high price for your home, but if your property has been on the market for a long time, it’s wise to take a fresh attitude to selling instead of being stuck in limbo. Houses that have been listed for sale for many months can struggle to appeal to […]

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What’s putting buyers off your home?

9th October 2015

If you’re struggling to sell your property, it’s important to know why – so then you can decide whether to make improvements or find an easier method of selling. We all have our particular tastes and preferences – and these are never more important than when deciding whether to buy a home. For some people, […]

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Common complications when selling a home

25th September 2015

Once you’ve accepted an offer for your home, it should be plain sailing to enjoy the proceeds of a sale and move on… but unfortunately the UK house-selling process is often slow and full of difficulties. It’s vital to be aware of these so you can try your best to avoid them. The biggest problem […]

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How surveys can affect house sales

22nd September 2015

If you accept an offer to buy your house, it’s common for your prospective buyer to organise a survey – but how can this affect your sale? House surveys are intended to reveal the condition of a residential property and inform your buyer of any problems that may cause them concern. As a seller, this can […]

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All home buyers are different – so what are they looking for?

11th September 2015

If you need to sell your house fast, you need to think about what kind of buyer is most likely to buy it – and what you can do to increase its appeal.   In recent years, buying and selling houses has become more difficult for lots of reasons, including increasing house prices and stricter […]

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The Invisible £4.5 Million Underground London Home

24th August 2015

Whilst houses costing several million pounds are not few and far between in London, at just 8 feet above ground level, this particular North London dwelling certainly has a novelty factor! The unusual design is the result of planning permission requiring that new home could only be built as high as the row of garages […]

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National Homebuyers’ First Time Buyer £100,000 Challenge

23rd July 2015

What does £100,000 get first-time buyers in England? We keep on hearing that house prices in London and the South East continue to rise and that first-time buyers are having the rungs cut off the ladder each time they try to make the step up. We are also regularly informed that housing available to first-time buyers […]

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Is This is the Most Bizarre Decorating Ever?

17th July 2015

It is often claimed that different colours have varying psychological effects on an individual; some colours have been associated with increased happiness, heightened blood pressure and a feeling of calmness and serenity. It is believed that colours on the blue side of the colour spectrum are often identified as being cool colours; these are seen […]

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House Haunted by a Poltergeist Listed on Rightmove

19th June 2015

This is an ideal opportunity for those seeking a flatmate with a ‘difference’. Potential tenants will have to share this house in Liverpool with a poltergeist who has tormented previous inhabitants. The Liverpool Echo is reporting that a house has been listed on Rightmove despite the fact that it is currently being inhabited by a […]

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Can’t Sell Your Home: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your House

8th June 2015

1. You have unrealistic demands As you are probably aware, once you’ve spent a prolonged period of time in your home, you will feel something of an emotional connection to it. This often leads to a loss of objectivity, causing you to have demands which can be difficult to meet, and ultimately, leaving you unable […]

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Would You Sell Your Home For Free Pizza?

5th June 2015

When Donna DeNicola’s son, Johnny Barnett, couldn’t find a house to buy near the family’s business, his mother came up with a novel idea!  A Portland mother has managed to find her son his first home after coming by offering potential sellers pizza for life as part of the payment! Donna DeNicola had long been […]

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9 Examples of Properties You’d Never Expect to Sell

4th June 2015

It is always exciting, and ever so slightly enthralling, to find a property that is a little bit different when you are looking to buy a new home. It cannot be denied that the British love to feel that our humble abode has that unique quality to it. Whether you crave that chic, luxurious and […]

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The Hoarder Next Door

19th May 2015

  I am sure that most of us are now aware of the Channel 4 programme about hoarders living next door. If, however, you are yet to see the programme, it focuses on those who are unable to dispose of items and instead store them in their home. This is, of course, leads to an […]

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Looking to Sell your House Fast? Give this a Try!

18th May 2015

Buying or selling a new home is more often than not a roller coaster ride that can leave both buyers and sellers experiencing a range of emotions. If you have any experience of the property market, then you will be aware that there are a mixture of both positive and negative emotions involved but sadly […]

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The Cost Of Christmas & The 2015 Housing Horizon

7th January 2015

In amongst the melee of political rhetoric, rightly or wrongly I have been left with the general impression that the economy has been getting better. Mark Carney – Governor of the Bank of England – has even warned that interest rates will rise by at least 2% over the next couple of years which can […]

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Unique & Unusual Christmas Gifts For The Home

17th December 2014

So it’s that time of year again. Whilst I don’t want to be accused of dampening seasonal spirits, I for one find it quite stressful fulfilling the obligatory Christmas demand for presents. With lots of family and lots – well, at least a few – friends to buy for, it’s almost overwhelming trying to find […]

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How Will The Stamp Duty Reforms Affect You?

10th December 2014

For all those not yet on the property ladder, that first step has become an aspiration so out of reach it appears silly to even try and save for a deposit. The price seems to have been increasing faster than you can get to the next stop down the train line. Even if you have […]

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What Is The Quickest Way To Sell A House?

3rd December 2014

Given that I am writing on the blog of a property purchasing company, you probably won’t be surprised that I’m telling you National Homebuyers, and other companies like it, offer the quickest way to sell a house. We just do. But, what are the factors that affect the speed with which a house sells? There […]

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Rent Or Buy Property: That Is The Question

28th November 2014

Just a couple of weeks ago National Homebuyers produced a blog post that highlighted a Chelsea garage, big enough for just one car, which sold for over half-a-million pounds in October this year.  After warnings from Europe and acknowledgements from our own Prime Minister, it is clear our housing crisis is a deepening and worrying […]

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Are Property Auctions The Best Way To Sell Your House?

17th November 2014

Auctions used to be for unique properties such as churches, lighthouses and farmyards, nowadays though, residential homes are becoming more common in this arena, but why? Although this is partly due to the popularity of TV programmes like ‘Homes Under The Hammer’, buyers attend for the same reason they always have – to bag a […]

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Are Luxury London House Prices Falling?

3rd November 2014

The West End of London has long had a reputation for exorbitant wealth and opulence. A reputation that was substantiated last week by the sale of an 11ft by 7ft run-down car garage in Chelsea that was sold for £550,000. That’s more than double the UK average house price stipulated by Rightmove of £271,669. In […]

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Top Ten Tips to Help You Sell Your House Fast

27th July 2014

There are several things you can do in today’s housing market to give yourself a better chance of selling your home quickly.   You have probably heard a great deal in the news recently about how house prices are rising and the UK property market is booming. While this is most certainly true of London and […]

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Would Independence Affect Scottish House Prices?

16th July 2014

How is the housing market in Scotland reacting to the increasing immanence of the independence referendum and how would Scotland leaving the Union affect Scottish house prices? In just over two months time, on 18 September, the historic referendum on whether to remain part of the United Kingdom will take place in Scotland. As the date […]

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Hidden Costs to Homebuyers

7th July 2014

Britain has long been a nation of homeowners. An Englishman’s house was considered his castle long before Edward coke enshrined it into law in 1628 and an Englishwoman’s home is no less so. Even given the fact that those below the age of forty are finding it increasingly difficult to get their foot on the […]

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Ridiculously Priced Property Highlights Inherent Problems in London Housing Market

5th June 2014

There are a great deals of stories in the news at the moment about out of control house prices. This is especially true of property in London. Recently released Land Registry data shows that house prices in the capital rose by 4.2%, which equates to £17 645. That’s £588 a day! With prices so high […]

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Is Essex In A House Price Bubble?

23rd May 2014

House prices in Essex are rising at an alarming rate, according to a recent survey by Nationwide. House prices have increased by 25% over the last decade and are continuing to rise. Residents and those looking to move into the area see this is as a positive sign for the Essex housing market, but it […]

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Should You Buy Property In An Area That Has Been Hit By Flooding?

Britain seems to have spent most of this winter under water and although the waters are now receding there is an ongoing concern that the destructive effects of the floods will last a lot longer. Once the insurance claims have been filed and property restored to normality, there is the ongoing effect that the flooding […]

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Predictions For The UK Property Market In 2014

There are many conflicting predictions for the property market it 2014. The consensus seems to be that house prices will continue to rise in London and the South-East, while the market in the rest of the country will remain fairly stagnant.  However, this is not the best news for house buyers. An increase in house […]

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Lake District is UK’s Most Affordable Rural Area

6th December 2013

New research released today has named an area in West Cumbria as the UK’s most affordable for buying rural property, whilst the Cotswold’s averages the most expensive house prices. The survey showed that in the district of Copeland in West Cumbria house prices are around 2.7 times average earnings. The area includes Sellafield and the […]

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Top Tips to Save On Energy Bills

23rd May 2014

This weekend the clocks go back, signalling the onset of winter and bringing with it the dreaded increase in fuel bills. Scottish Power is the latest of the ‘Big Six’ energy companies to announce a massive increase in energy prices, effective in December, which combined with Met Office predictions for a harsh winter will mean […]

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House Prices May Be Rising But Can You Really Afford To Move?

27th May 2014

The media is full of news that the UK housing market is improving; more houses are selling and house prices are now starting to increase in some regions, which is largely thanks to the government’s Help to Buy scheme. You may be tempted to upsize and move up the property ladder, but it is important not […]

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Clean Your Way To A Quick House Sale

The beautiful weather much of the country has been experiencing lately has meant that many of Britain’s home owners have taken the opportunity to improve their homes. You would probably be surprised how much of a difference even small home improvements can help when you’re looking to sell your house fast. If you are trying […]

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Top Tips for selling your Property with a Baby

The Royal Baby has finally arrived and is settling into the royal nursery nicely! William and Kate are fortunate that they are unlikely to face the problem of running out of space as their family grows, but many families have the problem of needing to sell their property to accommodate a growing family, with the […]

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Which Home Improvements Add The Most Value?

With the bank holiday season upon us, many home owners are getting the DIY bug; even I pulled out a paint tin over the Easter bank holiday. Home improvements are not cheap and, depending on the size of the project, you may consider taking out a loan for the home improvements. You certainly aren’t alone; […]

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Relocation Relocation: What To Consider When You Relocate

28th May 2014

Whatever your reason for relocating and wherever you are moving to, there are a lot of things you will need to consider before taking the plunge. What are your reasons for relocating? You should be absolutely clear of your intentions for relocating before making such a big move. It sounds silly, but if you are […]

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What To Consider When Buying A Second Property

2nd June 2014

Thinking About Buying A Second Home? There are many reasons why you might consider buying a second home. You might want a holiday house in the country, or you might want to invest your money in property, rather than investing with banks, an apparently appealing option given the current volatility of international markets. A rental property […]

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How To Get On The Property Ladder: A First Time Buyers Guide

The media is full of doom and gloom for First Time Buyers and how mortgage companies require such hefty deposits that no-one is able to get on the property ladder, but don’t dismay; there are still options if you are looking to get on the property ladder without a large deposit for a house. Shared […]

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Moving to a Retirement Home

There are a growing number of people who are not only downsizing to a smaller property in their later years, but are choosing to live in retirement communities. Many people do not want the stresses and worries of living alone in their later years, so they choose to move to a retirement community so they […]

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What Happens When You Are In Mortgage Arrears?

Mortgage Arrears Definition If you cannot pay your mortgage repayments for 2 or more months, then you are considered to be in arrears. If you have missed payments on your mortgage, then you are certainly not alone; the FSA statistics on Mortgage Lending published in December 2012 show that there were 35,900 new cases of accounts […]

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What To Consider When Moving House Due to Ill Health

People decide to move house for a number of different reasons. Unfortunately, a common motivation that effects many people is moving house due to ill health, whether it is because your illness means you can no longer work, or the property just does not suit your needs. There are several reasons why ill-health may mean […]

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Division Of Property During Divorce

Divorce, or the break-down of a relationship, is one of the main reasons for people needing to sell property. Despite the recent drop in the divorce rate, nearly half of all new marriages are still doomed to end in divorce. The emotional fall-out of divorce is difficult enough, but when assets need to be divided […]

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A Rough Guide To Inheriting Property

14th July 2014

Losing a loved one is very difficult and it is made even harder by the confusing legal implications and paperwork involved when inheriting property. Here are a few pointers to be aware of when you inherit a property. Please note that this is not an advice guide, it is for general information only, and you […]

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Selling Property In 2013

2nd June 2014

The festive season is behind us and the hangovers are slowly wearing off in the office, as New Year’s resolutions are being made (and broken) a large number of people will start looking for their dream home, but when is the best time of year for those selling property? It may not be the best […]

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Should you sell your property during the Christmas season?

Tis the season to be jolly, but is it the season to sell? The holiday season is upon us and the team is feeling very festive, but at this time of year it gives rise to the age old debate; should you keep your property on the market over the festive season, or should you […]

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UK ‘Mortgage Prisoners’ Are Moving To Solve Their Financial Problems

Many UK homeowners are moving because of financial reasons and choosing to live mortgage-free, whether they have enough equity to buy a smaller property or choose to live in rented accommodation. The worries of decreasing house prices, which Nationwide have reported in August to be 2.6% lower than the same time last year, and ever-increasing costs of […]

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Downsizing Dominates And Slows Down The Property Market

Recent research shows that it is not just the older generation who are looking to downsize and live mortgage free, and this is having a detrimental effect on the UK property market… Traditionally, those looking to downsize are people in their late 50s or 60s who are nearing retirement age and are looking to supplement […]

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Can’t sell my house is part of a larger problem

Can’t sell my house issues are not just affecting the UK, according to experts. Careful research has concluded that UK trends concerning home prices have been found across Europe. There is a lot more variation between different regions within the same country than between different countries. For example, London has seen similar price and sale trends […]

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Capital gains tax avoidance measures not worth the trouble

Many individuals choose to invest in the property market with the idea of letting out a flat, house or other building; however, many have concerns about minimising or eliminating capital gain tax. This tax, which pertains to investment property, is quite important to keep in mind. Some individuals who buy a new property choose to […]

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Sell your home online without being scammed

Your location in the world makes little difference to scammers. They can crop up anywhere. In Indiana there have been issues with a scam. Several real estate agents are hearing about a scam involving rentals. An individual went online to find a place to rent, but when she went to the office to get the […]

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Investing in Northern Ireland Property

Northern Ireland property prices have dropped significantly in the last year. The average property price is now £132,000; this is a 10.3% drop since the last year. These figures have come from the Office of National Statistics, which found a definite divide across the UK in terms of proper values. The south is surviving a […]

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National Cash Buyers Broaden Their House Search

6th January 2017

In the latest Market Insight from Hamptons International they have shown that UK cash buyers are now starting to broaden their horizons when it comes to buying a house. The report shows that there was 92,845 cash only house transactions in the UK in the third quarter of 2016. This figure is a 5% fall […]

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